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SnipShare:  Social Media Now Works for the Boss

Harness the Social Media Deluge:

SnipShare is a customizable social media dashboard that lets you monitor social media trends and information from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Flickr and more, in an intuitive format.

Monitor Your Competitors and Your Brand in Real Time:

SnipShare is the executive's best weapon for watching your brand and that of competitors, as well as breaking news, blogs and personal feeds.  Our "CEO Intel" dashboard works equally well for social media beginners and social media fanatics. You don't have to join any social media site for SnipShare to have huge value to you.

Customize Your Dashboard Exactly to Your Needs:

Our social media portal consist of a series of tabs - including News, Business, Politics, Sports, Geeks, Gamers, Entertainment, Tech Blogs, Leisure Blogs and Fun - which new users can immediately customize to suit themselves. From the "NY Times" to "ESPN," there is something here to amuse and inform you. We've collected a library of some of our favorites to get you started, but you can build whatever you want. You can add content from our library, delete the stuff you don't want, add your own, drag things around, change colors, and increase the number of columns to adjust to screen size.

And.... Membership is FREE and fun and we're obsessive about your privacy.

You'll find more information and even feature videos on our Help page.
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