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About Us
We’re a Portal:

CEOExpress Company has, as its cornerstone, one of the first websites on the Internet,  (If you want the longer story click here.)  

We’re a Software Company:

In addition to the CEOExpress portal focused on the information needs of executives worldwide, we are a software as a service (SaaS) company with a killer platform that can build complex applications with blazing speed and astonishing flexibility.

SnipShare is a perfect example of how our platform can be used to build and deploy a highly complex, configurable portal with full end user customization faster than any comparable solution.  Something new arises in the marketplace?  Build a community portal before the competition even understands that there is an opportunity.  Your portal can take any shape, or any style, and respond to the needs of any community and cost a fraction of a custom solution.

For more information or for a live demonstration, take a look at our CEOExpress Corporate Private Label brochure.

Any questions?  Contact us.
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