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SnipShare FAQs
What is SnipShare?

SnipShare is a social media dashboard and content library, that helps you organize social media information. You can add content from the library, delete content you don't want and add your own.  There's so much information bombarding us today, we thought that a place to pull together the information was a good idea.  It's up to you what SnipShare will be.  We love suggestions, so send them along.

A great benefit of SnipShare is that you can enjoy the benefits of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more, without even having to join those websites.

Watch our Overview Video.

Why should I become a member?

Because with a 30 second registration (even faster if you choose to connect through Facebook or Twitter), you can add all your own favorite sites, profiles, news feeds and video channels, get rid of stuff you don't need, select entire pre-populated tabs from our library, and more.  You'll love it, give it a try.

How can I become a member?

Just fill out a very short form and you can access 100% of the features.  Or, if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, click the Connect button and follow a few short steps to create a SnipShare account through Facebook or Twitter.

What are the different widget types?

There are several different widget types, and more to come as the site grows.  Here's some information on the most popular kinds:

Social Media Personal Feeds

You can add a pre-populated tab, or an individual widget to any tab, to view your personal Facebook News Feed, or Twitter Stream.  Both allow you to post/tweet, view your feed, respond to friends, and more. And both include a tool to shorten links.

You can also add a pre-populated LinkedIn tab, where you can access your personal account.

Facebook (Watch How to Add Facebook Widgets)
  1. Facebook Fan Profiles:  These are the official pages of businesses, magazines, celebrities, and newspapers.  This is the information that comes directly from the companies or organizations. If you're logged into Facebook, you can "Like" these pages from the widgets on SnipShare.  (When adding your own Fan widget, you'll need to know the url for that Facebook page.)
  2. Most Recent Facebook:  This is an initiative of Facebook where "like" buttons are put on almost every site on the Internet.  These widgets show what is most popular among those who are recommending or "liking" articles and posts on any website.  If you're logged into Facebook, you'll even be able to see which items your friends like and recommend.  (When adding your own "Most Recent" widget, enter the url of the site you wish to follow.)
Twitter (Watch How to Add Twitter Widgets)
  1. Twitter Profile Widget:   These widgets are the official widgets of a person, personality or company. (When adding your own Profile widget, just add the Twitter user name for the profile you wish to follow.)
  2. Twitter List Widget:  These widgets display the most recent tweets from all profiles included in a Twitter List.  (When adding your own List widget, just add the end of the url for the List page, which will include a user name and list name.)
  3. Twitter Search Widget:  These widgets allow you to follow a subject across all twitter feeds.  Just use the keywords that you want to follow and the widget will do the rest.
Video Channels (Watch How to Add Video Channels)

These widgets display the latest video entries of YouTube Channels.  (When adding your own channels you can either enter the url for a channel page, or create a custom channel using keywords.

Blog Widgets and RSS News Feed Widgets      (Watch How to Add Blogs and How to Add News Feeds)

Follow the latest posts for all your favorite blogs, or the latest headlines from the best news sources, selecting widgets from our edited directories of the best blogs and news feeds out there.  (When adding your own widget you'll need to enter the url of the news/blog feed.)

Flickr Widget (Watch How to Add Flickr Widgets)

This will feature a collage of pictures based on a keyword search or specific album.  Stream pictures of Machu Pichu, Paris, or your son, daughter, or friends.


Add a variety of other widgets types called "gadgets."  These include weather, commodities, a flight status tracker, the CIA World Fact Book, and more.  Each gadget type has it's own editing and customization capabilities.

Why can I see my friends information in the Facebook Most Recent widgets?

If you are signed into your Facebook page in this browser, the Facebook widgets will pull in your info.  It has no connection to our site. You will see some updates to your "Most Recent" widgets, including things that your friends have recommended, and will be able to "like" things through the widgets on SnipShare.  But that is all Facebook, not us.  If you log out of Facebook, your friends recommendations will go away and you'll see Facebook login buttons instead.  See our privacy policy.

Content Disclaimer:

Content on this site comes from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and various blogs. SnipShare is not responsible for content that is offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive.
Please see the terms and conditions for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr (Yahoo) for more information.

Can I choose different tabs, or add my own?

Yes, you can.  Just click on the + icon at the end of your tab menu to display a list of all available tabs.  Check or uncheck the tabs you want to add or remove, in the list on the left.  There are several tabs called "My Tab" and you can add those to start with a blank tab.  Drag and drop the items in your list of selected tabs on the right to get them in the order you want, then close the list layer to save your changes.  If you've added too many tabs to fit on the screen, or if your tab names are too long, arrows will appear at either end of the tabs menu so you can scroll through your tabs. (You can make changes to your chosen tabs, order, names, etc, at any time.)

Watch this video to learn more about managing your tabs.

Can I change the names of my tabs?

Yes, just click the pencil on each tab.  If you've added too many tabs to fit on the screen, or if your tab names are too long, arrows will appear at either end of the tabs menu so you can scroll through your tabs.  Within the layer that opens, you'll also be able to remove that tab, or access the page to manage all tabs.

How do I add widgets from the library?

Just click "Add Content" and choose from the menu of library widgets.  Just click the widget you want and it will be automatically added to the tab you chose.  Drag and drop to your desired position.

Watch this video to learn how to Add Content.  (See videos above for information on how to add different widget types.)

How do I add my own custom widgets?

There are two ways:
1) Just click "Add Content," then choose one of the "Add Your Own" options throughout the menu.
2) Click the "edit" link in any widget and replace that widget's information with pointers to content of your choice.

(See videos above for information on how to add different widget types.)

Can I move/delete widgets?

You can drag and drop widgets within any tab or just click the "X" in the upper right of each widget to delete.  Widgets that have been borrowed from our library will remain in the library and you can re-add them later if you choose. Any custom content will be lost if you delete that widget.

How does drag and drop work?

To move any widget within it's tab, just put your cursor over the colored bar at the top of the widget, click and hold down while you drag it to the new position. As you move the widget, a dotted box will appear in the closest area it can be dropped in. Keep dragging until the box appears in the space you want, then when you cursor is in the new dotted box, let go.  Your tab doesn't have enough columns?  Keep reading for infomation on how to add more.

I have a high resolution monitor and would like to take advantage of my wide screen.  Can I?

Yes, you can.  Members can increase the number of columns in each tab by using the "columns" menu on the right hand side at the top of the tabs.  See video below for more details.

(Watch How to Change Your Columns)

Can I change the colors on my page?

You can. Just click the "Colors" link in the bar at the top of the site to choose from a variety of color schemes, including Vampire Red, Pretty in Pink, and Green with Envy.  More colors will be added regularly.

How do I customize my Links Bar?

Above the tabs, you'll see a row of quick links, which you can customize to include all your own favorite links.  Just click the + at the end of the row to edit, move and add your own.  Watch this video for more information.

What is your privacy policy?

Our parent company has been around for over ten years and we are obsessive about privacy.  Read more here.

How can I tell my friends about SnipShare?

Click our "share" tab and send an email, or recommend through Facebook, or Twitter.

How can I create a private label version of  SnipShare?

For businesses who think that organizing social media for their customers, or using social media for themselves (to monitor competitors, and more), is important, CEOExpress Company has the answer.   In the time it would take to build a standard website, you can have a fully customizable community portal with the ability to provide specific data to different subsets of your customer base.   For more information click here.

Known "Bugs"

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and sites that provide gadgets may experience problems at some point (their sites may have a delay or go down), and we have no control over this. If widgets from one of these sites are not loading, please check to see if the originating site is down. (For up-to-date Twitter status info, you can check Twitter Status.)

If you do experience any problems or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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