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Boing Boing
Poland has asked the European Court of Justice to overturn the #CopyrightDirective
The government of Poland has filed a complaint with the European Court of Justice, arguing that the...
5/26/2019 4:36:46 PM

The Chinese company that bought Grindr wasn't supposed to let Chinese engineers access Americans' data -- but it did
In January 2018, Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd -- already an $93 million investor in Grindr -- bought ...
5/26/2019 3:55:55 PM

These corporations backed the politicians who will murder women by banning legal, safe abortions
Without generous financial support of six companies (AT&T, Eli Lily, Walmart, Pfizer, Coca-Cola...
5/26/2019 3:44:20 PM

Remembering the pre-Netscape browsers
Young ones, gather round, and let Ole Grampa Doctorow tell you about the glory days, before the cre...
5/26/2019 2:56:17 PM

Just look at this suspect's gun that turned out to be a banana
Just look at it. (Thanks, Mom!) ...
5/26/2019 2:44:57 PM

Catch Memorial Day deals on this Bluetooth audio gear
Need to upgrade your sound? Bluetooth technology has never been better, but that's not the only reas...
5/26/2019 8:00:13 AM

Europe's surging, far-right, "anti-establishment" parties: funded by billionaires, voting for billionaire-friendly policies, lining their own pockets
On May 26th, Europeans will vote for the next EU Parliament, and the region's far-right, "nationali...
5/25/2019 10:29:00 AM

Quantum physics, Brad & Angie, and Doris Day's scandals, in this week's dubious tabloids
The recent redefinition of the kilogram based on quantum physics and Planck's constant has had major...
5/25/2019 9:01:29 AM

Give your career a boost with these online training bundles that are 60% off
Trying to earn a promotion? Memorial Day weekend might be a good place to start. There are tons of e...
5/25/2019 8:00:29 AM

Real estate title insurance company exposed 885,000,000 customers' records, going back 16 years: bank statements, drivers' licenses, SSNs, and tax records
First American Financial Corp is a Fortune 500 company that insures titles on peoples' property; th...
5/24/2019 6:48:32 PM

Already regretting assigning Anthony Burgess to review the Samsung Galaxy Fold
"Welly, welly, well, to what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this ganjy gadget? What's it going to ...
5/24/2019 5:25:00 PM

The Digital Public Library of America has re-released the Mueller Report as a well-formatted ebook instead of a crappy PDF
Back in April, Andrew Albanese from Publishers Weekly...
5/24/2019 3:26:43 PM

A(nother) Lego Turing machine
Making a Turing machine is a kind of nerd rite of passage, like manually editing your X11 settings o...
5/24/2019 3:14:20 PM

On the visual miracle of "slit-scan" video
Hashimoto Baku ("a Tokyo based video director/visual artist/developer") digs into fascinating depth...
5/24/2019 2:53:38 PM

How to manage anxiety and depression in 10 easy* steps
*not really Anxiety and depression are deeply inter-related and both are among the most terrible thi...
5/24/2019 2:52:18 PM

Stephen Colbert plays D&D with Matt Mercer for Red Nose Day
There are so many things to love about Stephen Colbert. For me, his unapologetic nerdiness is high o...
5/24/2019 1:17:18 PM

Highly rated Black n' Red notebook on sale
Amazon has a good sale on the 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", twin wire bound, 70 sheets/140 pages Black n' Red no...
5/24/2019 1:10:27 PM

Deepfaking Mona Lisa
From a Cornell University paper by Egor Zakharov, Aliaksandra Shysheya, Egor Burkov, and Victor Lem...
5/24/2019 12:52:46 PM

A cheap bread lame that should work just fine
I bought a bread lame. A friend of mine is doing all sorts of fancy scoring to his bread. Mine jus...
5/24/2019 12:39:52 PM

That guy who made up a story about stealing a brick of heroin from an MS-13 gang member says he now regrets it
"It's a lie. I made the whole thing up. Now I'm in huge trouble." That's what Shane Morris is now sa...
5/24/2019 12:36:23 PM

Germany demands an end to working cryptography
Germany's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer -- a hardliner who has called for cameras at every "hot ...
5/24/2019 12:29:45 PM

How a quartz watch works
How do quartz watches keep time? Steve Mould gives a great demonstration explaining how they work. ...
5/24/2019 12:18:09 PM

Comcast fights shareholder call for lobbying transparency, saying that it would be "burdensome" to reveal how much it spends lobbying states
A group of Quaker investors called Friends Fiduciary have introduced a shareholder motion that was ...
5/24/2019 12:03:42 PM

A neuroscientist explains the "brain orgasm" response of ASMR videos
Some people shiver with delight at whispers and certain kinds of soft sounds. A psychologist/neuros...
5/24/2019 12:00:44 PM

A neuroscientist explains the tingling response of ASMR videos
Some people shiver with delight at whispers and certain kinds of soft sounds. A psychologist/neuros...
5/24/2019 12:00:44 PM

James Brown in Rocky IV
Remember when Russia was our friend? Read the rest...
5/24/2019 11:59:43 AM

Supercut of Spongebob Squarepants characters screaming "My leg!"
It is, as they say, a running joke. One meticulously catalogued here by Noah Spongy and Jasbre....
5/24/2019 11:59:42 AM

Terminator bookends and tankard
The bookends ($79) are the clear winner here, but the...
5/24/2019 11:47:18 AM

The Pirate Bay still lives
Despite 15 years of legal action, jailed founders, and countless takedown demands, The Pirate Bay st...
5/24/2019 11:40:26 AM

I'm just a bowl cut and a sit and spin away from happiness
I spun til I was dizzy as fuck on that exact same Sit and Spin! Rockin' out....
5/24/2019 11:26:36 AM

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Boy Genius Report (BGR)
$32 gadget beams a laser keyboard onto any flat surface
It's official: we're living in the future. Smartphones and tablets have grown so powerful in the pas...
2/2/2018 2:19:53 PM

Watch an airplane fill with smoke after a phone charger explodes
Electronics and their accessories exploding unexpectedly has become so commonplace that no one even ...
2/2/2018 1:56:52 PM

Archaeologists discovered an ancient Mayan megacity hidden in a Guatemalan jungle
A LiDAR scanning system has provided archaeologists with evidence of a sprawling Mayan city that was...
2/2/2018 1:33:53 PM

Save $130 on our favorite Bose noise cancelling headphones
When it comes to sound quality, the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling He...
2/2/2018 1:10:28 PM

New report says Apple will stop making the iPhone X in the second half of the year
Apple just announced its earnings results for the Christmas quarter, revealing that the company sold...
2/2/2018 12:47:08 PM

Google is building a hardware empire that extends beyond Pixel phones
At the highest level, Google and Apple are opposites. Apple is a hardware company that uses software...
2/2/2018 12:24:52 PM

Downloads and video streams on your PC will be so much faster with this $40 kit
Whether you have a little $20 Wi-Fi router or a $500 mesh wireless system, one thing is universally ...
2/2/2018 12:01:37 PM

Warning: The latest Netflix email scam is so bad, even cops are warning people
Phishing scams are nothing new and at this point, even less-than-savvy users have basically become e...
2/2/2018 11:36:50 AM

How is an iPhone X case this good only $6.99?
There is no question whatsoever that the iPhone X is the most gorgeous smartphone Apple has ever cre...
2/2/2018 11:11:09 AM

Groundhog Day predictions are so bad that you'd be better of flipping a coin
It's Groundhog Day! You know, the day when some dude in a goofy outfit grabs a big fat whistlepig na...
2/2/2018 10:46:40 AM

Galaxy S9's biggest hardware change shown in new leaked photos
If news from about half a dozen independent reports in addition to what we've heard from our own rel...
1/22/2018 11:13:14 AM

Amazon's deal of the day gets you a $150 DNA test kit for $79
DNA test kits have exploded in popularity over the course of the past few years. In fact, a discount...
1/22/2018 10:50:26 AM

US government shutdown ruins SpaceX plans for a Falcon Heavy test fire
The US government is a dumpster fire fueled by greed and corruption, and now it's messing with Space...
1/22/2018 10:27:07 AM

Your fake money is crashing yet again
Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies rebounded last week after a two-day bloodbath in which th...
1/22/2018 10:04:24 AM

Today's top deals: DNA test, $15 Crock-Pot, $10 electric griddle, $23 Bluetooth earbuds, Nest, more
We're starting off the week on a high note with one of the best daily deals roundups we've put toget...
1/22/2018 9:39:00 AM

Some iPhone 6 Plus owners may be upgraded to an iPhone 6s Plus for free
If you own a relatively old iPhone 6 or 6 Plus model, you can restore it to former glory via a simpl...
1/22/2018 9:16:59 AM

Meteorite hunters found the first fragments of the meteor that exploded above Michigan
Last week, a fireball exploded in the sky above Michigan, and the stunning event was captured on vid...
1/22/2018 8:51:45 AM

The ultra-slim iPhone X case made of real body armor is finally back in stock on Amazon
The PITAKA Magcase for Apple's iPhone X has been our favorite iPhone X case since it fi...
1/22/2018 8:20:50 AM

Samsung just revealed some of the Galaxy S9's remaining secrets
This year's Galaxy S release will not impress those buyers looking for a brand new smartphone design...
1/22/2018 7:45:56 AM

Amazon's high-tech automated grocery store of the future is also super creepy
Amazon is ready to deliver another blow to retail stores, in the form of a grocery store that's so h...
1/22/2018 6:50:46 AM

Someone is bringing Nintendo's collection of old flash games back to life
2017 has been a defining year for Nintendo. With the difficult task of recovering from the failure o...
11/6/2017 5:56:49 PM

Samsung to pay Apple $120 million for infringing on slide-to-unlock patent
At least one portion of Apple's longstanding legal battle with Samsung has finally drawn to a close....
11/6/2017 5:31:16 PM

The world's first iPhone and Android-connected smart safe is cheaper than you think
Do you have a safe in your house? Protecting your valuables doesn't necessarily mean having to inves...
11/6/2017 5:08:00 PM

The T Rex's tiny baby arms might have been way more devastating than you can possibly imagine
When you see the skeleton of the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex there are a number of things that pop out ...
11/6/2017 4:46:56 PM

Top Apple insider says two new iPhone X successors will be released next year
We're less than a week removed from the launch of the iPhone X, which means it's just about time tha...
11/6/2017 4:23:54 PM

A 10.5? iPad Pro with only 64GB costs $779, but last year's 256GB model is just $470 on Amazon
Apple's iPad tablets aren't like its iPhone smartphone lineup. Even if you're a huge Apple fanboy, y...
11/6/2017 4:02:52 PM

Office Depot counts down to Cyber Monday with deals on computers, desks and more
Virtually every major retailer in America is finding new and clever ways to turn the entire month of...
11/6/2017 3:44:49 PM

iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8 speed test: It's so much closer than you think
The iPhone X is finally out, which means Apple's best iPhone ever will be put through various real-u...
11/6/2017 3:27:59 PM

Apple's AirPower is rumored to cost $199, but there's a similar wireless charger out now for $50
Apple is working on releasing an "AirPower" wireless charging pad that's unlike most comparable devi...
11/6/2017 3:04:33 PM

An iPhone X hater's review of the iPhone X
Apple's iPhone X is here! I hate it! Okay, so I don't really hate it all that much anymore, but I d...
11/6/2017 2:41:40 PM

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SnipShare is a social media portal for executives, with the best business, technology, news, competitive intel and more.
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Guy Kawasaki's Blog
A Geek's Last-Minute Gift List
Here's a list of stuff that any geek would be happy to receive--even late. I have everything on this...
12/21/2018 11:06:34 AM

How to Prepare for the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship
Steve Case is the co-founder of America Online, the company that democratized online access. Steve i...
4/5/2016 11:00:19 AM

Test drive: Mercedes AMG GTS
My friends at Mercedes recently loaned me a Mercedes AMG to test drive, and I'd like to share my fav...
8/7/2015 10:45:02 AM

Test drive: Sony A7R II
Sony brought approximately twenty journalists and reviewers to Portland to try the a7R II and RX-10....
8/6/2015 6:50:16 PM

The Official Guy Kawasaki Father's Day Gift List
A good Father's Day gift embodies two qualities: insight into the male psyche and the appearance of ...
6/8/2015 11:21:10 AM

Startups: How to Do a Pre-Mortem (and Prevent a Post-Mortem)
Doctors conduct postmortems to figure why people died. They do this to solve a crime, prevent the de...
5/20/2015 12:42:48 PM

Photos from the May 2015 Maker Faire in San Mateo California
The post Photos from the May 2015 Maker Faire in San Mateo California appeared firs...
5/18/2015 5:27:03 PM

The Art of the Panel
At any conference, there are ten times more panelists than there are keynote speakers, so the odds a...
5/11/2015 11:50:33 AM

Must Do: Intern Like a Rock Star
This is a reprint from Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill it in Your Career. Rock Social Med...
5/5/2015 9:00:48 AM

How to Launch (And Why Scaling Doesn't Matter)
In the early days of starting up, the ability to scale is overrated. "Scale," in case you haven't he...
5/4/2015 9:06:05 AM

How to Pick Advisors
Once upon a time there were two engineering PhDs who were clueless about how to start a company. All...
4/27/2015 8:56:42 AM

10 Things You Can Learn From the Apple Store
My friend, Carmine Gallo, has written a book called...
4/9/2012 9:16:53 AM

Free social-media webinar with Mari Smith and me
3/20/2012 5:25:03 PM

How to Understand and Master Google+
3/20/2012 9:21:32 AM

Raising Money: What Not to Say and What Not to Believe #OfficeandGuyK
Over the past two weeks via my partnership with Mic...
1/20/2012 10:46:30 AM

Design a Sam Adams beer
1/20/2012 8:24:46 AM

How to Create an Enchanting Financial Forecast #OfficeandGuyK
1/17/2012 1:52:30 PM

How to Create an Enchanting Business Plan #OfficeandGuyK
1/12/2012 8:16:19 AM

How to Create an Enchanting Pitch #OfficeandGuyK
1/9/2012 8:01:36 AM

What I Learned From Steve Jobs
Many people have explained what one can learn from Steve Jobs. But few, if any, of these people have...
10/8/2011 11:10:48 AM

Google+ invites
Here are 150 Google+ invites. Follow my posts...
8/16/2011 1:36:49 PM

@GuyKawasaki is having a blast on Google+. Check it out
7/26/2011 8:37:54 AM

How to Increase Your Likability
6/29/2011 1:45:02 PM

How to be an enchanting speaker
Want to be an enchanting speaker? This is an unbeatable deal: Buy Enchantment and get a free copy of...
5/31/2011 2:35:07 PM

How to enchant people with Facebook
Over at the American Express OPEN Forum, I posted instructions for...
5/16/2011 12:17:59 PM

My visit to Notre Dame
4/17/2011 6:46:28 PM

NPR with @KerriMPR and @GuyKawasaki
Loved appearing on Minnesota Public Radio with Kerri Miller. In...
3/22/2011 9:47:47 PM

Enchantment hits the bestsellers lists
3/18/2011 10:26:20 AM

FAQ: How to Autograph a Book
3/16/2011 11:13:53 PM

How do publish thee? Let me count the ways.
3/9/2011 7:24:46 AM

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Make addressing emerging market challenges a priority for your tech-driven innovation efforts
If your firm strives to be Customer Obsessed then a key focus should be on addressing emerging custo...
5/24/2019 5:28:16 PM

Why Sizmek's Ad Server Shouldn't End Up With Amazon
Ad serving… sounds boring right? And on its face, it is. Ad servers are the pipes of digital adverti...
5/24/2019 3:33:13 PM

Digital Acceleration Is At A Crossroads — Modernize Everything Or Die
Have you experienced or heard of anything similar to these anecdotes? "Tesla can't figure out how to...
5/24/2019 4:54:21 AM

Digital Acceleration Is At Cross Roads - Modernize Everything Or Die
Have you experienced or heard of anything similar to these anecdotes? "Tesla can't figure out how to...
5/24/2019 4:54:21 AM

Future Of Retail: Implementing Artificial Intelligence In 2019
To help retailers and brands plan for 2019, Researcher Claudia Tajima and I are interviewing experts...
5/23/2019 3:24:26 PM

Future Healthcare Success is Rooted in Exceptional CX
We know that better customer experience (CX) in healthcare better engages customers and patients, im...
5/23/2019 11:45:48 AM

Your Customers Want to Self-Serve — It's Good For Them And Good For You
Your customers have more choice over what products to buy, where to buy them, and how to buy them. W...
5/23/2019 11:36:25 AM

Your customers want to self-serve. It's good for them, and good for you
Your customers have more choice over what products to buy, where to buy them, how to buy them. What ...
5/23/2019 11:36:25 AM

Follow The ABM Road Map To Recruit The Right Channel Partners
As the artificial distinction between account-based marketing (ABM) programs and everything else we ...
5/23/2019 10:10:59 AM

A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Store
Offline stores are more important than ever despite the eCommerce boom. How will digital technologie...
5/23/2019 5:17:04 AM

AI, Automation, And Robotics . . . Oh My!
As companies strive to improve customer experience through better customer and employee engagement, ...
5/22/2019 2:44:51 PM

Make Addressing Climate Change A Priority For Your Tech-Driven Innovation Efforts
If your firm is customer-obsessed, then a key focus should be on addressing emerging customer needs ...
5/21/2019 10:36:05 AM

The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Vulnerability Management Space
As I'm kicking off the next iteration of the Forrester Wave™ for vulnerability risk management in th...
5/21/2019 9:33:10 AM

Service Providers Begin To Get With The New Dynamic At Microsoft
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a statement last year at a media briefing that has stuck with me: "...
5/21/2019 9:29:30 AM

Employee Engagement And Cultural Transformation Drive Customer Experience
Employee engagement is critical for customer experience....
5/21/2019 7:31:00 AM

Harry's Acquisition Reaffirms It: Brand-Building's In A Generational Shift
Like fading celebrities, brand owners fear one thing most of all: irrelevance. "I think my mom/dad/g...
5/20/2019 4:18:08 PM

CX Execs Rise To Power Across B2C And B2B Industries
Unprecedented Growth Chief customer officers and chief experience officers were once a small communi...
5/20/2019 3:51:59 PM

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs
Even Big Digital Companies Need Little Humans . . . Lots Of Them Amazon offered $10,000 of startup c...
5/20/2019 12:39:47 PM

CX NYC 2019: Q&A With Rick Parrish On Values-Based Selling
Consumers are paying close attention to brands' moral, social, and political values. They're making ...
5/20/2019 9:41:32 AM

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Equal Access Is Good Business
Yesterday, my LinkedIn feed lit up with posts from individuals and companies stating their commitmen...
5/17/2019 5:00:24 PM

It's Time To Transform Insurance Claims
My house is almost a hundred years old. And while it might have some lovely period features (often e...
5/16/2019 4:31:15 PM

The Rise, Fall, And Rise Again Of The Integrated Developer Toolchain
The recent merger of CloudBees and Electric Cloud is a sign of the times in the world of DevOps as i...
5/16/2019 10:00:48 AM

To Excel At Customer Obsession, You Need An Adaptive Operating Model
Many firms have used Forrester's principles of customer obsession to guide their business and IT tra...
5/16/2019 9:38:01 AM

Research Announcement: Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Of Cybersecurity Consulting Providers In Asia Pacific
Research announcement: Another Asia Pacific Forrester Wave™ evaluation is coming. This time, I will ...
5/15/2019 10:13:26 PM

Research Announcement: Forrester Wave Evaluation Of Cybersecurity Consulting Providers In Asia Pacific
Research announcement: Another Asia Pacific Forrester Wave™ evaluation is coming. This time, I will ...
5/15/2019 10:13:26 PM

Research Announcement — Asia Pacific Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q4 2019
Research announcement: Another APAC Forrester Wave™ is coming.  This time I will be evaluating cyber...
5/15/2019 10:13:26 PM

Reviewing Forrester's 2019 New Tech Predictions — How'd We Do So Far?
Back in November, Forrester outlined its 2019 predictions for a set of hot emerging technologies. We...
5/15/2019 12:26:49 PM

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of Canadian Mobile Banking Experiences In 2019
Mobile apps have become the touchpoint of choice for millions of people to manage their finances and...
5/15/2019 10:20:37 AM

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of US Mobile Banking Experiences In 2019
[Note: This is about the findings from our US mobile banking reviews and research, if you want to re...
5/15/2019 9:21:40 AM

Who Moved The Communications Services Sector?
Success in the communications services sector is indeed a capricious piece of cheese. In it, every n...
5/14/2019 8:45:17 PM

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Ars Technica
Washington Governor signs bill to allow composting human bodies
Recompose is spearheading a greener green burial....
5/26/2019 1:30:38 PM

New Netflix original Rim of the World is pretty much perfect summer fare
Writer Zack Stentz on his modern homage to classic kid-centric films of the 1980s....
5/26/2019 11:00:55 AM

Australian rare-earth ore processor wants to build a plant in the US
Rare-earth minerals are mostly processed in China, but a new project could change that....
5/26/2019 10:00:42 AM

Before Netscape: The forgotten Web browsers of the early 1990s
From the archives: Does anybody remember Erwise? Viola? Cello? Let's reminisce....
5/26/2019 9:32:00 AM

Test performance, gender, and temperature
New results raise serious questions about what past studies have been looking at....
5/26/2019 9:00:09 AM

30-plus years of HyperCard, the missing link to the Web
From the archives: Before the World Wide Web did anything, HyperCard did everything....
5/25/2019 9:56:19 AM

Website for storing digital currencies hosted code with a sneaky backdoor and the mystery of the backdoored random number generator....
5/25/2019 8:45:57 AM

Here are the finalists for 2019's "Board game of the year" award
Tabletop gaming's highest honor, the Spiel des Jahres, is back....
5/25/2019 8:25:26 AM

Apple releases iOS 12.3.1 and a supplemental update for macOS 10.14.5
It's all about small bug fixes in the lead-up to big announcements at WWDC....
5/24/2019 5:59:44 PM

Star Wars: KOTOR film rumors, Sonic film delayed to fix its VFX
Slew of nerd-film Friday news also includes a date for the live-action Akira remake....
5/24/2019 4:40:41 PM

Trump gives Barr authority to declassify anything in campaign "spying" probe
Orders agencies to hand over anything about "intelligence activities" during 2016 election....
5/24/2019 2:35:46 PM

47 Democrats cave on net neutrality after GOP calls bill "dead on arrival"
GOP blocking of net neutrality vote rewarded as 47 Democrats ask for compromise....
5/24/2019 2:25:43 PM

Back in time: See You Yesterday brings time travel to the streets of Flatbush
Review: Black Mirror meets Back to the Future in Stefon Bristol's first feature film....
5/24/2019 1:17:01 PM

Hunter-gathering seems to have been easier than farming
Why does farming catch on when it dings health and quality of life?...
5/24/2019 11:37:35 AM

Google bots shut down Baltimore officials' ransomware-workaround Gmail accounts
Google automatically suspended accounts after detecting they were from same network....
5/24/2019 11:11:20 AM

Google bots shut down Baltimore officials' ransomware workaround Gmail accounts
Google automatically suspended accounts after detecting they were from same network....
5/24/2019 11:11:20 AM

Rocket Report: SpaceX sues the federal government, Chinese launch failure
Also, there's a company in Alabama that seeks to build a Falcon Heavy lite....
5/24/2019 7:00:03 AM

SpaceX launches Starlink mission, deploys 60 satellites [Updated]
Guess who's back, back again. Sooty's back, tell a friend....
5/23/2019 11:45:49 PM

Fake cryptocurrency apps on Google Play try to profit on bitcoin price surge
Researchers uncover two purported wallets uploaded after bitcoin prices rise....
5/23/2019 8:20:58 PM

Stronger than aluminum, a heavily altered wood cools passively
Boiled in hydrogen peroxide and compressed, the wood can passively manage heat....
5/23/2019 6:48:22 PM

New Assange indictment adds 17 espionage charges
Obtaining, disclosing "National Defense Information" charges could trigger 1st Amendment battle....
5/23/2019 5:42:17 PM

NASA officially orders its first segment of a lunar space station
"This time when we go to the Moon, we're actually going to stay."...
5/23/2019 5:26:11 PM

GOP, Dem Senators officially introduce loot box, "pay-to-win" legislation
Expansive prohibitions could heavily impact large swathes of the game industry....
5/23/2019 4:50:03 PM

Purdue infiltrated WHO, manipulated opioid policies to boost sales, report finds
Congressional report alleges Purdue corrupted WHO to boost international sales....
5/23/2019 4:10:28 PM

Comcast does so much lobbying that it says disclosing it all is too hard
Shareholders say Comcast should stop being secretive about lobbying activity....
5/23/2019 3:40:26 PM

A sad raven bums out its friends
Experiment shows how emotions can spread between birds....
5/23/2019 1:35:28 PM

Now live post-leaks, Star Trek: Picard trailer asks why the "Admiral" left Starfleet
"Fifteen years ago today you led us out of the darkness.... Then, the unimaginable."...
5/23/2019 1:08:08 PM

Dealmaster: Save big on Windows laptops and smart TVs ahead of Memorial Day
Plus savings on Apple Watches, truly wireless earbuds, charging cables, and more....
5/23/2019 12:51:34 PM

Subscribe to Ars and get 20% off
Read Ars free from ads and tracking scripts while supporting one of your favorite sites....
5/23/2019 12:20:09 PM

Why the quirky Playdate portable could succeed where Ouya failed
Eclectic, limited ambitions are a key starting point for the odd device....
5/23/2019 12:03:40 PM

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